College Publications

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Official College Publications

College Catalog

The College Catalog is a document of record issued at the beginning of each academic year. The Catalog contains current information regarding the College calendar, admissions, degree requirements, fees, regulations and course offerings. It is not intended to be, and should not be relied upon, as a statement of the College’s contractual undertakings. 

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Holy Cross Magazine

Holy Cross Magazine is published four times a year for alumni, parents, friends, and the Holy Cross campus community by College Marketing and Communications at the College.

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Academic Publications/Journals


fósforo, a bilingual journal of literature, art and ideas, addresses poetry, narrative, drama, and essay, as well as photography, painting, and visual arts, which reflect an interest in Spanish and the range of Hispanic and Latino cultures. Submissions are accepted in both Spanish and English from all members of the campus community, including students, faculty and staff.

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Interfaces is a bilingual illustrated journal focusing on the dividing line — the "interface" — between language and the image, two means of expression different and yet inseparable. This interface was displaced when the cinema made the image move, then speak, thus making time its medium and creating a new type of discourse. But the old interface between language and the static image still remains and its power is enhanced by modern technology.

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Journal of Global Catholicism

The Journal of Global Catholicism is an international, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal. Its purpose is to foster the understanding of diverse forms of lived Catholicism with attention to their significance for theoretical approaches in anthropology, history, sociology, media studies, psychology, theology, and philosophy.

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The Purple

The Purple is a literary magazine written, edited and published by Holy Cross students to provide a showcase for critical and creative writing. The magazine is published once or twice a year and is comprised of poetry, short stories, critical essays, photographs and artwork.

Student Publications

The Spire

Published weekly since 1925, The Spire is the official student newspaper of the College of the Holy Cross. The publication is nonprofit and nonpartisan, and every aspect of production is run by students. Any student or employee of the College may write for The Spire, and any member of the student body can apply to be an editor. The Spire offers experience in five departments: News, Opinions, Features, Eggplant (our satirical page), and Sports. Students working on the editorial team will also gain exposure to advertising, marketing, sales, circulation, and business management. We welcome visitors to contact us at with any inquiries or to get involved. As of February 2017, new and archived editions of The Spire are available online at

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The Purple Patcher

The Purple Patcher, the Holy Cross yearbook published annually by students, is a creative attempt at depicting the unique personality of Holy Cross, with a special section on the graduating class. The yearbook is staffed entirely by Holy Cross students and provides training and opportunities for participation in photography, layout, sales, promotion, editing and business management. The yearbook office is in operation throughout the school year. Students interested in joining the staff are encouraged to contact the editor or the the Office of Student Involvement.

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College Street Journal

The College Street Journal is an all-in-one news source for students seeking to learn more about and better position themselves for business opportunities. Readers have a broad range of important topics from relevant news and economic issues, career development opportunities, and advice, as well as Ciocca center and campus-wide opportunities to grow outside of the classroom. Through both a printed and online version this content will be transmitted to the student body. CSJ strives to provide content in a predigested and descriptive form, being informative to economics majors but understandable for all students and faculty on campus. 

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