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Identity & Style Guidelines

The graphic identity program helps distinguish Holy Cross from other educational institutions by conveying a look and feel that is easily recognizable and unique. By coordinating graphic elements such as colors, symbols and typefaces, the recognition and visibility of Holy Cross is enhanced, which makes communications with the College’s audiences more effective.

The following graphic and editorial standards have been developed to guide the communication efforts of all members of our campus community. Although the College is made up of various departments, offices, centers, programs and organizations, all are part of the same institution. The intent of standardized graphics is to make Holy Cross easily identifiable and more memorable for our audiences—internal as well as external.

The links in this section display the College’s seal, logotypes, address blocks and editorial guidelines to promote consistency in the look and language of Holy Cross.

Should you have any questions regarding use of the graphic or editorial guidelines, please call the College Marketing and Communications at 508-793-2419.