Video Production


Man at desk moving mouse while looking at video files on a desktop machine

Audio-Visual Services can provide a number of video production services for members of the campus community.  Priority is given to academic projects, but support is given for co-curricular and extra-curricular events when time and staff are available.  Services are available based on the availability of staff, but equipment and training can be provided when staff is not available.

In addition to recording in classrooms and other locations on campus, a small studio is available.  The studio is ideal for recording small discussion panels or “talking head” videos.  In the studio, lighting and sound equipment is available to produce extremely high-quality material.

Video cameras, shotgun and radio microphones, tripods, and other equipment are also available for loan to members of the campus community.  Training on the use of video equipment is also available.  The borrower is responsible for providing their own recording media storage. This could be cards, USB drives, or shared google drives.


As part of ITS and its offerings, we have Digital Media Services. This department will aid in consulting, organizing, and working with video and associated media.  Help is offered in organizing a project or class assignment, deciding on software or a shared platform, motion graphics, and more. Please contact Ian Kaloyanides or Mary McLeod