Production Studio

Stein 104
The production studio in Stein 104 can be used for audio or video recording, still photography, and more.  It is a highly flexible space and can be configured for various needs.

Booking, available hours, and ways to become part of our Production Team

Some of the services currently available include;

Green Screen (Chroma Key) wall for later edits with custom backgroundstwo walls, one green screen, camera

Photography backgrounds and a scheduled photographer (John Buckingham) 

Sound-reduced video space for interviews or additional lecture/media material.

Group of students on ottoman in front of camera

What to expect and prepare when coming down to our production Studio;

If you have a project that could benefit from using the studio, don't hesitate to contact A-V Services, Digital Media Services directly.  Please note: The department must discuss your project with you before booking the studio.  Your room request is not finalized until you receive confirmation from the department.

 Lightboard in studio


  • Looks and functions like a whiteboard but with the instructor's presence in view and active
  • Annotate on top of images
  • It can be combined with additional videos to keep a lecture component for supplemental course material.