Internal Funding

Faculty Research and Scholarship at Holy Cross 

Faculty research, publication, curriculum, and professional development are supported by the College through a number of offices, special programs, awards, and in-house grants. The following internal funding opportunities are reviewed by the Committee on Faculty Scholarship and facilitated by the Office of Sponsored Research. 

For other opportunities, please contact the Dean's Office for more information. 

   Committee on Faculty Scholarship

     (Effective FY 22, Chair: Professor Justin McAlister - Department of Biology/Environmental Studies Program)

a. Faculty Fellowships

Faculty Fellowship Guidelines 

b. Research Funds

Research Guidelines 

c. Publication Funds

Publication Guidelines

d. Charles and Rosanna Batchelor (Ford) Foundation Grant

Batchelor Ford Guidelines 

e. Williams Career Development Grant

Williams Career Development Guidelines 

f. Mary Louise Marfuggi Faculty Award for Outstanding Scholarship