Please follow the instructions below to access the IACUC training courses. Contact the Office of Sponsored Research if you have any questions (x2742).


Go to

On the right-hand side there are three boxes: one with a place to login, a second to login through institutions, and a third to create an account. Please choose the THIRD option and click the “REGISTER” button.

This will bring you to a page where you must affiliate with the College of the Holy Cross. This is important for the validity of your completion report. Under the “Select Your Organization” box, once you begin to type College of the Holy Cross, it should populate in the drop down menu. Select it and “continue to step 2”.

After you create your profile, you will be directed to the Curriculum page. Question 2 (Laboratory Animal Research) is the IACUC course. Select the first check box “Working with the IACUC Course”. You should NOT choose either of the other two check boxes below. Once you have selected your group, scroll all the way down to the bottom and click “Submit”. This will bring you to course modules to complete.

Note: Unless you plan to take Human Subjects Research courses as well, on the curriculum page, make sure to select the option “Not at this time” under Question 1 (Human Subjects Research).