Distinguished Visiting Practitioners Grants

New Opportunity

These grants support short-term in-person campus residencies by leading industry practitioners in any discipline in a course or courses; visitors may also offer academic activities such as public lectures, workshops for faculty and/or students, and/or other academic programs of broad interest. Residencies may be for one or two weeks and must include embedding within a course or academic program.  Furnished housing is provided as part of the grant upon request.

Application Process

Submit a written proposal for the residency with a biographical statement describing the distinguished practitioner, the current CV of the proposing faculty, a brief letter of endorsement by the department chair or program director, and a course description and draft syllabus for any course(s) or program that will host the visitor. This program is designed to give Holy Cross faculty and students sustained access to distinguished experts who can augment our curriculum or extend the scholarly conversation on campus.  Budgets should include a proposed honorarium and estimated travel costs; furnished campus-based housing is available (schedules permitting). Proposal budgets should not exceed $15,000. We anticipate making 2-3 awards for 2024-2025. 

Deadline: Monday, April 29 by 11:59 p.m. with notice by May 22, 2024. Reviewed by the Deans + Provost. 

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