Cross-Disciplinary Collaborative Teaching Initiative

New Opportunity

This program supports two-person faculty teams who wish to design and offer team-taught cross-disciplinary courses beginning in Spring 2025. The grant funds a summer planning and analysis grant for course development/design and pedagogical strategy for Summer 2024 and Summer 2025, with a stipend of $3,000 per participating faculty member for each summer. Summer 2024 is dedicated to planning and exploration; Spring 2025 to the initial offering of the team-taught course; Summer 2025 is dedicated to assessment, reflection, and iterative improvement based on feedback received. Faculty must commit to offering the team-taught course at least twice (Spring 2025 and Fall 2025 or Spring 2026) and to sharing the outcomes with a campus audience. Any new courses proposed must be reviewed and accepted by the relevant curricular oversight committees. Each faculty member supported through this program will receive full teaching credit for the team-taught course during the pilot period.

Application Process

Submit a preliminary written rationale and course narrative with goal statements and academic characteristics of the cross-disciplinary course (including potential attributes), a letter of endorsement by each department chair, and a current cv for each faculty member. Continuing non - tenure-track faculty are eligible to participate as are visiting faculty if the term of their confirmed appointment includes both summers and both semesters. The first window for team-taught cross-disciplinary courses is the Spring 2025 semester. We anticipate making 2-3 awards to begin in summer 2024. 

Deadline: Monday, April 29 by 11:59 p.m. with notice by May 22, 2024. Reviewed by the Deans + Provost. 

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