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Rabbi Eric Yoffie: Understanding American Jews

demographically complicated, religiously diverse, stronger than ever, and still at risk

Rabbi Eric YoffieDate of Lecture: October 6, 2014

About the Speaker: Rabbi Eric Yoffie is an internationally renowned speaker, writer and religious leader. He is president emeritus of the Union for Reform Judaism, representing 1.5 million Reform Jews in the United States and Canada. An expert on the Middle East, he writes regularly for The Huffington Post, The Jerusalem Post and Haaretz, and is often quoted in the general and Jewish press.

About the Talk: Rabbi Yoffie offers a brief history of Judaism in America and focuses on changes in the last 50 years. He argues that the period of 1980-2010 was a "golden age" for American Judaism, and talks about the challenges and his hopes for the future of American Jews.

The lecture, supported by the Kraft-Hiatt Fund for Jewish-Christian Understanding, was co-sponsored with the Worcester JCC, the Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts, and Temple Emanuel Sinai.

Watch the lecture below or download it free from iTunes U.