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Mark Murcko: The Quest for Health: Hunting for Drugs in Large Pharmas and Tiny Biotechs

Date of Lecture: November 13, 2013

Mark MurckoAbout the Speaker: Mark Murcko was one of the founders of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, where he served two decades as Chief Technology Officer and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board. He directly contributed to the development of four marketed drugs, treating glaucoma, HIV and HCV. He holds more than 40 patents and 85 scientific publications. He sits on a number of Boards of Directors and Scientific Advisory Boards and serves as visiting professor to both MIT and Northeastern University.

About the Lecture: In his talk, Mark Murcko lays out the drawbacks and benefits of working in the drug discovery field. He talks about the types of behaviors and work cultures that yield the most success, and debunks a number of misconceptions about the pharmaceutical industry.

This lecture is part of a series on "The Practice of Science in a World of Competing Values."

Watch the lecture below or download it free on iTunes U.