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A Fishbowl Discussion: After Sandy Hook

How Do We Prevent Similar Forms of Violence?

Date of Event: February 19, 2013

About the Event:In the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn. school massacre, December 14, 2012, Americans are engaged in a debate about how to prevent similar tragedies. This fishbowl-style discussion looks at possible causes and measures that could reduce incidence of gun violence. The participants consider: tighter regulations on gun ownership, diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses, cultural and sociological indicators, and promoting nonviolence.

In the fishbowl format, chairs are arranged in concentric circles. Moderated discussion begins among the inner circle of 'fish,' and later is opened to the audience seated in the outer circles for questions and comments.

Featured Participants: Marian Blawie '16, a lifelong resident of Newtown; Miles Cahill, professor of economics and associate health professions adviser; Lawrence E. Cahoone, professor of philosophy; Robert T. Jones, associate director of multicultural education and a trainer and facilitator of Kingian Nonviolence; Alison Smith Mangiero, political science instructor; Chris Tota '13, a former NRA member; and Amy Wolfson, professor of psychology and associate dean for faculty development. Thomas M. Landy, director of the McFarland Center, moderates.

Watch the discussion below or download it free from iTunes U. Note: Due to audio issues, comments from the audience have been edited.