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Food Allergies and Special Diets


    Entering freshman and transfer students that live with food allergies are required to have their health care provider document the food allergy on your entrance physical and complete the food allergy action plan, if necessary.  If you develop a new allergy while you are a student at Holy Cross, please fax medical documentation to Health Services.   It is the student’s responsibility to notify key personnel on campus.  Please be familiar with your responsibilities and the College’s responsibilities prior to arrival on campus by reading the food allergy guidelines from Health Services website.

    Food allergies/Anaphylaxis:  Students with a history of signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and/or students who carry an epi-pen for food allergies should  contact Health Services  @ 508-793-2276 or  email Martha Sullivan, Director of Health Services, at   These students qualify for the Food Allergy and Special Diet Program (FASD).  For information on how you can dine safely on campus you should contact Alyssa Pittman, RD, Dining Services Dietitian at or by phone 508-793-3618.

    Celiac Disease:  Students living with Celiac disease or medically documented gluten intolerance will need to provide clinical documentation to Health Services.  Your gastroenterologist, allergist or primary care provider will need to submit  documentation of history of your disease, evidence of laboratory and/or biopsy diagnosis and your specific treatment plan.  This information is required in order to receive special services from Holy Cross Dining. The Food Allergy and Special Diet (FASD) program provides reasonable accommodations to students per the Americans with Disabilities Act. This program may provide you with:

    • Pre-order, allergy-safe meals prepared just for you
    • Special products in a secure allergy pantry
    • Transparency, information and nutrition guidance

    Special dietary concerns or preferences: While we understand that some students choose to eat special diets or gluten free, there are many safe choices at Kimball Main Dining Hall. Menus, nutrition information, ingredients and allergens are available on the Kimball Dining website. (  Any Holy Cross student may schedule an appointment to meet with the dining dietitian or one of the  dining managers at to discuss nutrition concerns or dining options. You may click o the following link to view the food allergy plan at Holy Cross: