If the illness or injury is an emergency the student should call 508-793-2222 for the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Public Safety will arrange for necessary transfer to a hospital emergency room. For non-emergency medical needs or questions, a physician is on call 24hrs/day, 7 days a week during the academic year. The physician can be accessed by calling 508-334-8830.

Check our Local Health Care options page for local pharmacies. It is the responsibility of the student to have their prescriptions filled. Students should be encouraged to carry their insurance and prescription cards with them.

Students can have their medications delivered directly to their student mailbox. If the medication is refrigerated, we recommend you have it delivered to “Health Services, Loyola Building, 1 College Street, Worcester, MA, 01610.” The Post Office will bring it directly to Health Services during business hours, and we can keep it refrigerated until the student can come pick it up.

Students who get injections regularly can have them administered in Health Services, with proper documentation and doctor's orders. We do encourage students to learn how to administer these injections themselves, and can assist with the education and training. Students with infusions requiring a nurse administration can utilize their insurance to find an infusion company, and that nurse can administer the infusion in a private room in Health Services during business hours. Students with injections or infusions should call Health Services to discuss their individual needs.

Yes, students cannot receive treatment in Health Services unless a physical exam is on file in Health Services. A physical is only required as a first year student, except for student athletes who require physicals annually. For incoming first years, the physical exam has to be within the last year. The doctor does not have to utilize our form if they prefer to use their own template.

Students should update Health Services if there are any significant changes to their medical history.

An annual health participation fee covers the cost of on-campus health services. This fee includes Nurse Practitioner, Physician and RN visits at Health Services.  A number of commonly prescribed over the counter medications, dressing supplies, etc., are dispensed. In addition, Health Services sponsors various health education programs.

No, students can visit Health Services without paying a co-pay. We do not bill insurance for our services or any of the supplies/medications we have on hand. Student's insurance will be utilized if a prescription is sent to the pharmacy, any laboratory testing is done and sent to Quest Diagnostics, any imaging is done at outpatient radiology, or if the student is referred to an off-campus provider, emergency room or urgent care. 

Health Services and the College are not responsible for medical fees incurred. We encourage students and families to review their insurance coverage prior to coming to college, and consider the Student Health Insurance Plan for the best local coverage. If you have received a bill, first make sure Health Services has your most updated health insurance card. If this was correct, you are responsible for working with your insurance company on the bill.

All health records of students age 18 and over are private and confidential. No medical information can be released to any party without the expressed written consent of the student. In the event of a life-threatening illness, the attending physician will notify parents/legal guardians.

No, Health Services will refer students to Physical Therapy Providers in the Worcester area.

Health Services will provide the student with information about how they can sign up to use the zip cars or rideshare services. Students may refer to the Transportation page for more information on traveling in Worcester. Cab services are provided by Red Cab at 508-792-9999 or Yellow Cab at 508-754-3211.

Tylenol/Advil, Oral thermometer (non-mercury), band-aids, first aid ointment, decongestant, cough medicine, calamine lotion, Medic Alert bracelet if serious illness and any maintenance medication prescribed for student (i.e. inhalers) or emergency medications such as Epi-Pens. A personal cool mist humidifier can also be very helpful.

We prioritize the well-being and reproductive health of our students. As part of our comprehensive healthcare services, we offer confidential STI testing and pregnancy testing. Our trained healthcare professionals provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment for students seeking these services. We encourage students to take proactive steps in managing their sexual health and offer resources for education and prevention.

Our Express STI Clinic provides confidential testing for sexually transmitted infections. Students without symptoms can visit the clinic for a quick and discreet screening test without an exam or questions. Our trained healthcare professionals offer support and guidance throughout the testing process, including counseling and treatment options if needed. We prioritize student privacy and provide a safe and welcoming environment for all. Health insurance is charged for the lab fees for STI testing. 

Health Services provides comprehensive reproductive health care tailored to the needs of our students. This includes access to birth control options for medical reasons. Our healthcare providers offer consultations to discuss birth control methods. They work closely with students to find the most suitable option based on individual preferences and medical history. Additionally, we offer information on sexual health education and resources to support informed decision-making regarding contraception.

We understand the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy diet for overall well-being. We refer students to a Registered Dietician who works with our Health Services Department and is available to provide personalized nutrition counseling to our students. Whether you're looking to improve your eating habits, manage a specific dietary concern, allergy, or diagnosis, or simply seeking guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, our nutritionist is here to help. They offer one-on-one Zoom consultations to address individual needs and goals, along with practical advice and resources to support your journey towards better nutrition and wellness.

Required Medical Forms

All immunization requirements are determined by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Students must have the required immunizations within the appropriate time frame. Review all required medical forms.

Along with the required immunizations, it is strongly recommended that students get the meningitis B vaccine series, HPV vaccine series, and seasonal flu and COVID vaccines annually.

Yes! The flu and COVID vaccines are not required but strongly recommended each respiratory virus season in the fall/winter. Health Services sponsors several vaccination clinics starting in September, so students should keep an eye on their email for this information.

If you cannot access your childhood vaccination records, you can look at if the state you grew up in has a state immunization database. Many states have this, and patients can access the immunizations they were given in that state.

If you are unable to find any of your immunization records, students should ask their current medical provider to order vaccine titers. This is a blood test that will check your immunity to diseases like measles, mumps, rubella and varicella. There is a space on the Immunization Form that your doctor can put these results. The actual lab results must also be attached to your documentation.

Students who have a medical or religious exemption to vaccines can complete the waiver form found on our website. Please note that per Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations, if there is an outbreak of an infectious disease on campus, those who are unvaccinated are required to leave campus. They will need to secure alternative housing at their own expense.

Yes, a physical from the last year is acceptable. We understand that due to insurance regulations with annual physicals, incoming first year students may not be able to get an updated physical right before coming to college. Please submit your most recent physical, and make sure you alert Health Services if you have had any significant medical changes since then.

Yes, feel free to upload immunization lists and physicals that are not on the Holy Cross forms, as long as it has your name and date of birth on it.

No, only first year students are required to upload the medical forms. If upper class students have any significant change to their health, they are strongly encouraged to update Health Services so our medical providers have their most up-to-date information.