If a student becomes ill when Health Services is closed, what should they do?

If the illness or injury is an emergency the student should call 508-793-2222. In cases of significant illness or acute injury, students should contact Public Safety at 508-793-2224. Public Safety will arrange for necessary transfer to a hospital emergency room. A physician is on call 24hrs/day, 7 days a week during the academic year for students with urgent needs. The physician can be accessed by calling 508-334-8830.

I will be taking prescription medicine while at college, what is the best way to handle this?

Check our Local Health Care options page for local pharmacies. It is the responsibility of the student to have their prescriptions filled. Students should be encouraged to carry their insurance and prescription cards with them.

Do students have to have a physical to enter Holy Cross?

Yes, students cannot receive treatment in Health Services unless a physical exam is on file in Health Services. A physical is only required as a first year student, except for student athletes who require physicals annually. Students should update Health Services if there are any significant changes to their medical history.

What does the Health Services fee include?

An annual health participation fee covers the cost of on-campus health services. This fee includes Nurse Practitioner, Physician and RN visits at Health Services.  A number of commonly prescribed over the counter medications, dressing supplies, etc., are dispensed. In addition, Health Services sponsors various health education programs.

I am concerned about the medical status of my son/daughter; will you be able to provide me with information?

All health records of students age 18 and over are private and confidential. No medical information can be released to any party without the expressed written consent of the student. In the event of a life threatening illness, the attending physician will notify parents/legal guardian.

Do you have a Physical Therapy Department in Health Services?

No, Health Services will refer students to Physical Therapy Providers in the Worcester area.

How can students travel to off campus referrals to a doctor’s office or a pharmacy if needed?

Health Services will provide the student with the information about how he/she can sign up to use the zip cars. Students may refer to the Transportation page for more information on traveling in Worcester.  Cab services are provided by red cab @ 508-792-9999 or yellow cab @ 508-754-3211.

What health related items do you recommend students take to Holy Cross?

Tylenol/Advil, Oral thermometer (non mercury),band-aids, first aid ointment, decongestant, cough medicine, calamine lotion, Medic Alert bracelet if serious illness and any maintenance medication prescribed for student (i.e. inhalers).