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Medical Forms

Required Medical Forms For All New Incoming Students

Holy Cross Health Services requires all new incoming students to submit the Holy Cross Medical Record Forms. Forms should be completed and uploaded by August 15th. Please note the following instructions: 

Immunization History

Form should be printed and completed by your healthcare provider. All students are required to enter their immunization dates and upload forms into the Patient Portal. You may refer to the following you tube video to assist you in uploading documents and entering your immunizations in the patient portal ( . The Health Services staff will verify that the immunization data correlates with the data that was submitted online.  For more information, please see Massachusetts regulations regarding immunizations.

Physical Examination Form

Form should be printed and completed by your healthcare provider and uploaded into the Patient Portal.

Massachusetts Tuberculosis Risk Assessment

This form should be printed and completed by student. It should be reviewed with your healthcare provider. A tuberculin skin test is only required if you have any risk factors. A chest x-ray is needed if you have a positive skin test. Upload completed form into the Patient Portal.

Meningitis Vaccine Information and Waiver

Meningitis vaccine booster at > age sixteen. If you wish to waive the vaccine you will need to print, complete and upload the form into the Patient Portal.

Insurance Information/ Insurance Cards

  • Submitted via University Health Plans.    
  • Upload a photocopy of the front and back of your medical/prescription insurance cards for our records.  Have your student carry his/her insurance cards on them when they come to college.


If you will not be 18 years old by August 30, 2020, please print and have your parent/guardian complete the Authorization to Treat a Minor Form. 

When the above forms are completed they may be uploaded via the Holy Cross Patient Portal.

First Year Division 1 Varsity Student-Athletes

    Required Sports Medicine forms for all incoming and first year varsity student-athletes must be completed prior to any athletic participation

    Due: July 15 or 1 week prior to your arrival - whichever comes earliest

    Incoming Student-Athlete Checklist

    Upload Forms to Student-Athlete's Patient Portal  - Patient Portal 

    Any questions can be directed to the Sports Medicine Department at (508) 793-2627*

    *Please note that we have limited access to campus at this time including our phone voicemails. If you have any urgent questions, please reach out to your Atheltic Trainer, otherwise, we will return your call as soon as we can.