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Student Health Awareness Peer Educators (SHAPE)

The Student Health Awareness Peer Educators (SHAPE) is a peer education group whose mission is to promote responsible decisions regarding personal health and to inform the community about current health initiatives to maintain health.  Students in SHAPE are dedicated to educating the student body about a variety of health issues including preventive health care, chronic and urgent health care needs. Members of SHAPE will be available to fellow students as a resource for information regarding health. Shape members will become trained in CPR, First aid and Narcan administration. Interested students should email:

Mentoring Opportunity: Holy Cross Nurse and Nurse Practitioner Club

The mission of the Holy Cross Nurse and Nurse Practitioner Club is to offer students interested in a nursing/nurse practitioner tract an opportunity in which to find and provide support, information, service and learning opportunities, camaraderie and friendship. Students and alumni are dedicated to:

  • Promoting standards of practical and professional nursing
  • Providing a network for students interested in the nursing/nurse practitioner tract
  • Developing leadership skills in the field of nursing
  • Providing mentoring opportunities between students and alumni
  • Interested students should email or