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Stephen Selka: Our Lady of the Good Death

Afro-Catholicism and the Brazilian Cultural Heritage

Date of Lecture: October 23, 2013

Stephen SelkaAbout the Speaker: Stephen Selka is an associate professor in American studies and religious studies at Indiana University. He is the author of "Religion and the Politics of Ethnic Identity in Bahia, Brazil," and he is working on a new book about the Sisterhood of Our Lady of the Good Death.

About the Talk: Stephen Selka describes the rituals and practices of the Sisterhood of Our Lady of the Good Death, an Afro-Catholic lay organization in Bahia, Brazil that hosts a weeklong Feast of the Assumption. The annual celebration, which combines Catholicism with Candomblé, has grown as a symbol of Brazil's African roots heritage, attracting tourists and media.

This lecture is part of Catholics & Cultures, an initiative to explore the religious lives and practices of Catholics around the world.

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