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Samuel Martinez: Anti-Haitian Exclusionism in the Dominican Republic: A Biopolitical Turn

Date of Lecture: March 12, 2014

Samuel MartinezAbout the Speaker: Samuel Martinez is associate professor of anthropology, and Latino, Caribbean and Latin American studies, at the University of Connecticut Storrs. He is the author of two monographs and several peer-reviewed articles on the migration and labor and minority rights of Haitian nationals and people of Haitian ancestry in the Dominican Republic. In 2005, Martinez submitted an expert affidavit in support of the landmark case of Yean and Bosico v. Dominican Republic presented before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

About the Talk: Martinez discusses the implications of the recent ruling by the Dominican Republic's highest court that denies citizenship to Dominicans of Haitian ancestry and the mass expulsions of these people to Haiti.

The lecture is part of the series "Race and National Imaginaries in the Americas," co-sponsored by Latin American and Latino Studies, the McFarland Center, the Carson Lecture Series, Africana Studies, and Asian Studies.

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