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Kenneth Parker: Coming to Terms with the Past

How Our Understanding of the Christian Past Shapes Our Future


Kenneth ParkerDate of Lecture: November 7, 2012

About the Speaker: Kenneth Parker is associate professor of historical theology at Saint Louis University. Born to a Pilgrim Holiness pastor, Professor Parker converted to Roman Catholicism after studying Christian history at Houghton College, Fuller Seminary and the University of Cambridge. He served as a Benedictine monk for five years before returning to academic life. At SLU, he also founded and directs a college-in-prison program, which gives inmates and prison staff the opportunity to earn a fully accredited degree.

About the Talk: Professor Parker uses his own experience of religious conversion and the teachings of the Second Vatican Council to explore four historical metanarratives that shape our understanding of Christianity today.

This talk was one of the Deitchman Family Lectures on Religion and Modernity

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