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Julia Finomo: The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Oil Drilling in the Niger Delta: An Ethical Approach

Date of Lecture: September 12, 2013

Julia FinomoAbout the Speaker: Julia Finomo was a native of the Niger Delta and a lecturer in the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies at the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. She has published a number of academic papers on environmental and ethical concerns in the Niger Delta, including "Ethical Perspectives on Environmental Sustainability: A Case of the Niger Delta," and "Genesis 1:26-28: A Panacea to Environmental Degradation in the Niger Delta, Nigeria." She also wrote a number of book chapters on ethics and authored papers on gender studies and eco-tourism.

About the Talk: Since the discovery of oil in the Niger Delta in 1956, its fragile ecosystems have been harmed and its people exploited by slack practices of multinational oil companies. In this talk, Finomo outlines the environmental degradation and the human health, economic and social costs of oil drilling and gas flaring in the Niger Delta. She make recommendations for oil companies, government officials and the inhabitants of the Niger Delta to clear a path to sustainability.

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