Leadership Opportunities

Job Advancement and Continued Employment

Dedicated to the overall mission of the College, Dining Services is proud to offer unique and invaluable learning experiences by offering students the opportunity to work. According to a national survey, students who work do just as well or even better academically than those who don’t. While students may initially think of the financial benefits working provides, we’re committed to helping our students grow and develop skills that they can apply to other aspects of their lives — here and beyond Holy Cross. 

There are many skills one can learn from their experience working with Dining, but here are just a couple you can add to your personal tool box and resume:

  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Self-Confidence
  • Customer Service
  • Network Building
  • Prioritizing Tasks
  • Problem Solving
  • Attention to Detail
  • Safety and Sanitation Consciousness

Captain – Student Supervisor

The student supervisor position is an example of a job with greater responsibilities. Employees with experience and the desire for leadership positions may wish to consider this position, giving them valuable managerial experience. Captains are responsible for helping to train, direct and guide other student employees in accomplishing their duties. Interested students must be nominated by their Captain or Manager on Duty and must have worked with Dining Services for a minimum requirement of one (1) semester before applying.  Nominated students will be invited to an information session in January and applications are due in February.

Kimball Student Organizer Apprentice

This is an opportunity for Captains during their junior year to challenge their abilities and gain experience in management. Instituted as a gradual advancement between Captain and KSO, it offers an essential training foundation and understanding of the eventual goal of fulfilling the Student Organizers position. This position works directly under the leadership of the Kimball Student Organizer as well as the Dining Employment and Training Coordinator to assist with the organization of student employment within Kimball Dining Hall. While in training, the KSO Apprentice is a benefit to the employment office staff as they provide support to the KSO in helping to manage his/her responsibilities. After fulfilling one year as a KSO Apprentice, this individual would be prepared and eventually be promoted into the KSO position. Those applying must commit to two years (one year as KSO Apprentice and one year as KSO). An information meeting occurs in February and applications are due in April.

Student Organizers – Kimball Student Organizer & Hogan Student Organizer

The highest position attainable for a student within Dining Services is the Student Organizer position.  After a full year of training, the KSO Apprentice or HSO-in-Training will resume their work as a student administrator in the Dining employment office, but with the tasks and full responsibilities of a KSO or HSO, assisting with all aspects of student employment. Some tasks include: Hiring & Employee advancement process, scheduling, maintaining employee attendance and operating systems recording. Along with more responsibility and a strong work ethic comes a comparable wage increase. The KSO or HSO is the greatest challenge a captain can take on, and requires a person who truly cares, and has the time and energy to invest in Dining Services and its student employees. The benefits to your resume, but more importantly your experience as part of the management team and student workforce, are immeasurable to someone who has yet to even graduate college.

Other positions such as cashier, kitchen prep, and office assistant also provide opportunities to develop and display greater levels of responsibility. We encourage you to work additional shifts, cross train, work in different positions, and/or multiple Dining locations helping you to gain additional experience and build your resume. To learn more about these job opportunities, please contact the Employment Coordinator or Student Organizer.

Returning Student Employees 

Dining Services offers current student employees the opportunity to continue their employment on a yearly basis. Whether in advancement positions or to simply return to your present job, as a returning staff member we value your experience and look forward to your help! Students will be required to fill out an online recruitment form prior to leaving campus in May and will be given the opportunity to register for fall semester shifts before new student employees are hired.