Food Plan FAQ

What food plans are available for freshmen?

Holy Cross Dining makes it easy — there is only one food plan available for first-year students and it will automatically be applied to your student account. All residential students, with the exception of students living in Figge, Williams Hall, or The Townhouses are required to have the Resident Food Plan. 

Who can choose a food plan?

Anyone! Residential students will automatically be assigned the Resident Food Plan. Residents of Figge Hall, Williams Hall, or The Townhouses, and students living off campus may choose either the Resident Food Plan or the Apartment Plan.

Why are residential students required to purchase a food plan?

In order to ensure that our students are eating, living, and learning in healthy ways, Holy Cross requires all residential students to purchase a food plan. The College promotes a multidimensional learning experience that transcends classroom studies. Kimball Dining Hall and our other locations on campus are social hubs on campus and help to build community, encourage healthy living, and enrich the college experience.

What does “unlimited” dining mean?

With the “unlimited” food plan, students will never run out of meals. You’ll have unlimited access to Kimball Main Dining Room during normal operating hours (7 a.m.-8 p.m.)

Does any unused Dining Dollars balance roll over from semester to semester?

No. Unused meal swipes, guest swipes and/or dining dollars do not “roll over.” They are non-refundable and non-transferable and will expire at the end of each semester. 

What about meals for family or guests?

The Resident Food Plan includes up to five guest swipes per semester.

How often can I eat in Kimball Main Dining Room?

Students on the Resident Food Plan have unlimited access to Kimball Main Dining Room from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Come and go as often as you’d like throughout the day during operating hours.

Can I take food out of Kimball Main Dining Room?

No. Meals in Kimball are dine-in only and cannot be carried out. Take-out options are available in any of our retail locations.

Why am I only allowed one piece of fruit or one ice cream treat as a takeout from Kimball Dining Room?

The Dining Room is an all-you-care-to-eat facility. Allowing one piece of fruit or one ice cream treat as a takeout item is a way to meet your needs for an easy carry snack and still control costs. Uncontrolled takeout would lead to a much more expensive meal plan, as well as some food safety issues.

Where can I use my food plan and how do I gain access?

Students can use their meals in the Kimball Main Dining Room. The Resident Food Plan also allows students to use up to eight meal swipes per week, with a maximum of three per day in retail locations. Dining Dollars can be used in any of our retail locations across campus including the Lobby Shop. To use your food plan, you must use your OneCard as payment.

What’s the difference between Kimball Main Dining Room and retail locations? 

The Main Dining Room option is all-you-care-to-eat while in the dining room.  Payment for Kimball main dining hall can be in the form of swipes, dining dollars, or credit card. Whereas, our retail locations offer a dine in or take-out option and are limited to the eight meal swipes per week or payment can be made in the form of Dining Dollars, Crusader Cash or Credit Card.  Our Lobby Shop is the only location that does NOT accept meal swipes. 

Can I change my food plan?

The Residential Food Plan is required for all students living on campus. However, students living in Figge, Williams, The Townhouses, or off campus may choose between the Apartment Plan or the Resident plan.

How can I pick up a meal for an ill friend?

With the approval of Health Services, a friend can use a sick student’s ID card to pick up a meal at Kimball Dining Hall. Students picking up such a meal should state their intention to the cashier and ask the dining room manager on duty for assistance.

I have questions. Who do I contact?

Our Business Systems Manager, Willow Davey, located in Room 129 on the first floor of Kimball Hall. Her contact information is listed below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out, we are more than happy to assist you. 

Phone: 508-793-3385 | Fax: 508-793-3636 | E-mail: