Nutrition and Food Allergies

Whether you have food allergies, dietary restrictions or simply need some assistance with your food selections, Holy Cross Dining provides the resources to help you make delicious choices safely and easily.

A student using tongs to reach for artichokes in a station of healthy food in Kimball Dining Hall.

Nutrition Resources

​​Holy Cross Dining is dedicated to providing the campus with a variety of menu options that are not only delicious, but also nutritious, healthy, and supportive of dietary restrictions and food allergies. 

Our team is passionate about helping students find long term, healthy, sustainable relationships with their diet and is available as a resource to all students, faculty and staff of the College. Finding the nutritional facts for our food items is easy, simply check out our Online Menu and click on the location you are dining at. 

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Improving Our Health and Nutrition — and the Health of Our Planet

Informed by the Menus of Change set of principles, Holy Cross Dining prepares food that is delicious, nutritious, healthy, environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and ethical. 

Food Allergies

Dining with Allergies can be a challenge when dining away from home. To help guide students, our digital signage and online menu to help to guide students on their meal choices by providing allergen information for our dishes. The following symbols are used for our digital signage to help students navigate their choices:

Allergen Key

With our online menus, food allergens can be found by clicking into the specific item, and are designated by the word "Allergens" at the bottom of the ingredients list. 

Students with food allergies should meet with our dining team to learn how to make the most of resources provided. Students with severe food allergies should submit the appropriate documentation to the Office of Student Accessibility Services. This will allow students to have a direct line of contact with Student Accessibility Services and Dining Services to be able to discuss allergies and dining needs. Please refer to the Office of Student Accessibility Services for more specific criteria.  For more information on dining at Holy Cross with allergies, please contact Bradley Shannon, Associate Director of Culinary Development and Nutrition ( 

For other general questions and other inquries for Dining Services, emails should be addressed to:

Staff Training and Awareness

Having our staff aware of student’s limitations will ensure a safe and pleasurable dining experience, which is of utmost importance to us. Please know that all Holy Cross Dining staff is required to attend a biannual food allergen awareness training regarding the potential severity of food allergies. Whenever you eat away from home, you should notify your server if you have a food allergy.

For additional information, contact: 

Bradley Shannon
Associate Director of Culinary Development and Nutrition
Dining Services

Neal Lipsitz, Ph.D
Disability Services

Kelsey R. DeVoe MS, FNP-C
Health Services

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