Student Resources

There are many physical and digital resources available to help you improve your writing. Included here is just a small sampling of helpful materials on a handful of topics. You are encouraged to contact your instructor, the Writer’s Workshop, or the Holy Cross Libraries with additional questions on these topics.

How to Read Assignments

  • Guidance on how to make sure you understand a writing assignment

Getting Started on a Writing Assignment

The Holy Cross Center for Writing has compiled a list of tips for getting words on the page.

Working with Sources

  • Quick Guide for the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) (often used in history and social sciences)
  • Quick Guide for Council of Scientific Editors (CSE) style citations (often used in natural sciences)
  • Quick Guide for Modern Language Association (MLA) style citations (often used in English and other humanities)
  • Quick answers on APA from the American Psychological Association (often used in education, psychology, and business)
  • Quick tips for ASA from the American Sociological Association (often used in sociology)
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)'s research guide, including guidance on APA, MLA, Chicago, and AMA styles
  • The introduce-cite-explain (ICE) method for incorporating quotes into writing

Thesis Statements

Grammar, Voice, and Style

Paragraphing and Organization

Annotated Bibliographies

  • The Holy Cross libraries offer instructions and samples for annotated bibliographies according to different style guides.
  • Purdue OWL provides an overview and samples of annotated bibliographies.
  • The UNC Writing Center provides guidelines for annotated bibliographies.

Collaborative Writing