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Center for Writing staff run classroom workshops covering peer review, thesis statements, collaborative writing, poster presentations, and more. In addition to the workshops listed below, we can work with you to develop workshops tailored to the specific needs of your class.

In-Class Workshops

Building Better Essays

Building Better Essays

  • This workshop covers how to support main ideas and integrate sources into an essay. Center for Writing staff will customize the presentation for your course.
Highschool versus college writing

Highschool vs College Writing

  • Or, "Was I lied to about what makes 'good' writing?" In this workshop we compare the characteristics of highschool and college writing before diving into the best practices of academic writers.
scholarly mindset equals scholarly writing

Scholarly Mindset = Scholarly Writing

  • How can the growth mindset be applied to the way we approach writing? 
strengthening weak thesis statements

Strengthening Weak Thesis Statements

  • What is the purpose of a thesis statement? What makes a thesis statement strong? Suitable for any discipline!
writing an introduction

Writing an Introduction

 intro – meaning “within” / duceremeaning to lead or bring

  • This workshop will address the objectives of an introduction, how to narrow the scope down to the thesis, and more.
The Meal Plan

The M.E.A.L. Plan 

  • The M.E.A.L. Plan Workshop covers the essentials of paragraphing in writing. Students will identify main ideas, evidence, analysis, and links/transitions.
Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated Bibliographies

  • What is an annotated bibliography? What are the different types? Why write one? This workshop will address these questions as well as how to find and cite sources. Students will learn the practice of writing annotations in preparation for their assignments.
Ways of inquiry

Ways of Inquiry

  • The Ways of Inquiry Workshop is geared towards research/topic generation and best practices for finding scholarly sources.
active vs passive voice

Active vs Passive Voice

This workshop covers the basics of active versus passive voice in academic writing. Students will learn when, how, and why to use each effectively. No matter the discipline or topic, we tailor the workshop to your writing assignments. Best suited for the revision stage, students will practice identifying voice in their writing.

Peer Review Slide

Peer Review

Revision is key to writing within any discipline. The Peer Review Workshop includes an overview and demonstration of best peer review practices. Center for Writing staff will facilitate in-class peer review with the support of Writer's Workshop consultants, depending on class size. Students will learn how to differentiate between higher and lower-level concerns in each others' writing, provide feedback, and more.

Collaborative Writing Workshop Image

Collaborative Writing

The Collaborative Writing Workshop is a great resource to pair with the group writing projects you assign. This workshop includes activities and strategies to help students write and work effectively in a group setting. Center for Writing staff will cover how students can establish clear guidelines and expectations, create subtasks, and tips for conflict resolution.

oral presentation

Oral Presentation

The Oral Presentation Workshop prepares students for public speaking in an academic setting. This workshop includes how to “write” a script, make effective use of powerpoints, and audience-specific talking strategies.

poster presentation

Poster Presentation

The Poster Presentation Workshop is ideal for project display in any discipline. Students will learn how to recognize and navigate the rhetorical situation, create effective visual tools, and practice using graphic design and layout to enhance their presentation.

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