Become a Consultant

Applications to become a Writer's Workshop consultant are due on March 20, 2022.

If hired, successful candidates must enroll in English 387: Composition Theory and Pedagogy for the fall of 2022 and will begin work during spring 2023.


We welcome applications from students in all disciplines, and we especially invite applications from students in the natural and social sciences. One of our core values is diversity, and in addition to having a staff with diverse language backgrounds and disciplinary affiliations, we seek applicants with experience or interest in working with diverse students. We especially value:

  • experience writing for more than one discipline
  • experience working with multiple media/technologies
  • dedication to empowering students through writing
  • a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • the ability to collaborate effectively with peers
  • strong work ethic and the capacity to balance work with other commitments
  • the desire to approach writing as a reader or coach rather than as an editor

A complete application to be a Writer's Workshop consultant includes:

  • an application form (below)
  • a writing sample
  • the contact information for two references (HC faculty or employers) willing to recommend you as a candidate

Please contact with any questions.

Responsibilities of Consultants

Consultants meet with students one-to-one in the Writer’s Workshop, consulting on their writing in 45-minute sessions with the goal of helping students improve their writing. After the session, consultants complete a report that includes a brief summary of the session and the writer's plans for revision. Consultants focus on the issues that research tells us can be improved in writing sessions (the writer’s process) rather than those they cannot control (the grade a student will receive). They look beyond just the assignment at hand to help students develop good writing habits and practices for their academic lives as writers. Consulting may occur at any step in the writing process, including brainstorming, planning, drafting, and revising for organization and clarity. Consultants are not copy-editors, though they may discuss grammar or style with students in some circumstances. Consultants do not do work for students; instead, they work with students.

About English 387

Taking English 387: Composition Theory and Pedagogy is part of the application process, and candidates will be evaluated for their readiness to work as consultants after they complete it. The course provides essential grounding in the research on what works when it comes to writing and teaching writing. The course is also a prerequisite for anyone wanting to work with the Summer Passport Program.