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Online Resources

The Writer's Workshop remains committed to supporting student writing online.

Writing consultations will be available remotely with professional and peer consultants. Appointments last 30-45 minutes, and will take place simultaneously online using video, chat, and a collaborative editing board. We recommend that students use a laptop or tablet with audio and video capabilities, but a chat-only option is available for students who cannot access video or audio. 

When your student's appointment time arrives, instruct them to simply go into the online calendar and click "Join Online Consultation." View more instructions on navigating the online system

Faculty Support

The Center for Writing aims to produce resources to support faculty as they move their writing assignments online. As a first step, please review our short presentation (text-only) on adapting to teaching writing online

Teaching writing requires planning, reflection, and then some more planning. Just as we teach our students that strong writers revise their work, strong instructors revise their assignments and lesson plans to improve their teaching. As you reflect and revise, the Center for Writing is here to support you.

The Center for Writing offers 20-60 minute consultations with Director Laurie-Ann Britt-Smith and Associate Director Kristina Reardon; they are happy to work with you to develop any area of your teaching as it relates to writing, from assignment design, to classroom activities, commenting on student drafts, and more! Feel free to email to schedule an appointment. However, we understand that sometimes it is easier to quickly access resources online. Click through these links to find useful articles, ideas, and tools, including open-access textbooks that you can excerpt for your students. Check out the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing to start, and let us know if there are other topics or links you'd like to see represented below.

External Resources for Teaching Writing

  • 30 Ideas for Teaching Writing, from the National Writing Project.
  • MLA Style Center, which features a range of short, practice-oriented columns on teaching writing, including this one from Associate Director Kristina Reardon on adopting writing center practices in the classroom. 
  • Pedagogue is a podcast about teachers talking about teaching writing. It features conversations from some of the best scholars in Composition and Rhetoric, but the dialogues are accessible and relevant for all. Transcripts are available on site.
  • Teaching & Learning in Higher Ed, a blog that frequently features entries from writing professionals.
  • The Teaching Professor blog, which occasionally features posts on teaching writing.
  • The Web of Language, from Dennis Baron at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
  • The Writing Campus blog, from George Mason University.

Valued Practices for Online Teaching and Learning

Citation Style Guides

First and foremost, we recommend the Holy Cross Library Style Guides & Statement on Academic Integrity.

Helpful handouts and lesson plans related to teaching students to integrate sources effectively can be found at Colorado State University's Writing Studio as well as the University of Michigan's Sweetland Writing Center. Piedmont Virginia Community College also has helpful information.

Grammar & Style Resources

Open Access Texts & Textbooks

  • Colorado State University Press, which publishes open-access texts on writing and reading that you could use or excerpt to help students build specific skills.
  • WAC Clearninghouse, which publishes numerous books, some of which are open-access, about teaching writing.
  • Writing Commons, a student-facing site with chapters and advice on the process of writing--as well as specific genres.
  • Writing guides and links for writers that can assist you (or your students) as you teach particular writing skills.