Substance-Free & Collegiate Recovery Communities

Do you choose not to use alcohol or other drugs?  You're not the only one!  In fact, research shows that college students tend to significantly overestimate how much other students actually use substances.  Nationally, there is a growing number of students who are choosing to be substance free.  And it's no different at Holy Cross.  If you're making that choice, you're in good company.  We have plenty of resources for you!  

A group of students at a concert. It is nighttime and all the students are smiling and standing. Most are holding up their mobile phones and have the flashlight function on.

Recovery Lounge

Location: Ciampi Hall, Ground Floor

Weekly Recovery Meetings (Wednesdays at 7p.m.) are held in the lounge.  

Are you in recovery, or interested in exploring recovery — from any substance, behavior, pattern or relationship that causes suffering in your life?

The Recovery Lounge holds supportive, safe space for students on recovery journeys and their allies. You can connect with other students and professionals in whatever way feels comfortable to you.

Students who identify this way can also use the lounge as a hang-out space. It is available on nights and weekends. The lounge is used for social & community gathering as well as weekly recovery meetings. Plus it's always stocked with games, puzzles great coffee, tea and hot chocolate!

Substance-Free Housing

The Office supports programming efforts for the Substance-Free floor in Loyola.  It is offered for rising sophomores and juniors who wish to live in an environment where other students and their guests (including those of legal drinking age) are committed to living in a community free of alcohol or drugs. 


Community Events

The Office provides monthly community building events for those students who identify as living a substance free lifestyle every day of their lives.  These social events are a way to meet and connect with each other in a fun environment on or off campus. 

Student Recovery Meetings

Weekly Recovery Meetings (Wednesdays at 7p.m.) are held in the Recovery Lounge in Ciampi Hall.  This is an informal group for students in any stage of their journey and honors all pathways of recovery. We meet in person and to support each other in recovery, social and academic pursuits.

An alternative to 12-step meetings, “All Recovery” meetings welcome all who struggle with addiction, are affected by addiction, or support the recovery lifestyle. (Originally developed by the Connecticut Communities for Addiction Recovery.) This group allows students to come together to discuss how addiction & recovery-related topics intersect with college life. Students are invited to be in community, socialize & share at these weekly meetings.

Off-Campus & Virtual Recovery Resources

We understand the unique challenges that students in recovery face in the college environment. Holy Cross is committed to helping students in recovery through a network of supports and resources throughout campus and in the local community. There are a number of support resources available to students virtually and throughout central Massachusetts.