Tools for Students


Personal alcohol use screening/ check-up

360 Proof Personalized Feedback Index A free, anonymous screening tool that gives you feedback about your alcohol use as well as on-campus resources and support.. Your personal data will not be identifiable

Substance Use Safety Tips

College Drinking Prevention Information on alcohol use specifically for college students. Includes alcohol myths, BAC calculators, and resources on helping a friend who may be struggling with their alcohol use.
The Bar Lab Study Does alcohol help break the ice? Researchers at UW put this question to the test, and what they found out may surprise you.


AlcoTrack A useful tool to track your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) based on your consumption.
Virtual Bar: The Virtual Bar uses the latest science to help you not only get a better understanding of how different factors affect your blood-alcohol concentration – or BAC – on an individual level, but also can help you see how your night could go depending on the food you eat, the water you drink throughout the night, and other important variables.

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Cannabis & Other Drugs

Personal cannabis use screening/check-up

The Twelve Questions of Marijuana Anonymous Questions that may help you determine whether marijuana/cannabis is a problem in your life.
The Cannabis Use Disorder Identification Test This questionnaire was designed for self-administration and is scored by adding each of the 8 items.  You score will help to determine if you have high-risk cannabis use. 
T-Break Guide  A complete guide for cannabis users who wish to take a tolerance break or stop using, including a self-assessment and daily programs to support making a change.

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Recovery & Substance Free

Recovery Meetings

Holy Cross All Recovery Student Meeting Weekly in the Recovery Lounge, Hogan 215A
AA Meetings in Massachusetts Find an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting off campus
New England Narcotics Anonymous Meetings (virtual & in-person) Find an NA meeting off campus

Substance Free Activities Things to do around Worcester that are substance


Better without

Uncover a wide range of useful features to help you find and discover great alcohol free options and the places that sell them.

Try Dry The official app of Dry January but can be used anytime

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Truth Initiative An informational resource about smoking, vaping, nicotine and the tobacco industry that also provides tools and programs for quitting smoking
My Life, My Quit A free and confidential texting/live chat coaching service.
smokefreeteen Tool and info about quitting smoking.

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