Parents and Families

Research shows that parents and families hold significant influence when it comes to their college student’s choices around alcohol and other drug use. You have the ability and opportunity to shape your student’s choices at college by having conversations that are open, informed, direct and ongoing throughout their time as a student. 

A father having a serious discussion with his young adult son.
Fall Semester
Discuss the Risks

Support your student navigate the excitement of new experiences while faced with opportunities for harmful and underage drinking.

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Guiding your young adult
Start a Conversation

A supportive article produced by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to help parents and families know where to begin when talking about Alcohol consumption.

An image of an available resource related to blood alcohol levels (BAC). The image says Food + Drink and then has an image of a burger, noodles, and alcoholic drinks. Then it says "Let's get Started! Eating prior to drinking may help reduce your peak BAC. Tap below to choose from the food menu.
Tips, Fact Sheets and Tools
More resources for parents and families

Provided by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

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Marijuana and Adolescents
What Parents Should Know

How THC is being ingested is rapidly changing with the growing trends of cannabis use. Dr. Nora Volkow discusses this issue and what families should know to help keep their student healthy.

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What Science Tells Us
Drugs On Campus

NIDA Director, Dr. Nora Volkow provides insight about the risks of drug use in college and how parents and other adults can help college students cope with those risks.

Awkward Conversations - video podcast series

These 20 video podcast episodes cover a variety of subjects to help families learn how to empower their students with the tools needed to stay safe, drug free, and make healthy decisions. Topics include signs of drug use in teens, fake pills, preventing drug misuse among college students, bullying and peer pressure and its consequences, and do’s and don’ts when you talk about drugs.