Prevention & Education

Matters of Substance: College Edition

Matters of Substance: College Edition is an online, alcohol & other drug education course required for all new Holy Cross Students. It’s designed to address the critical issues of alcohol and other drug use and the impact on the college experience and personal health.

This course provides Holy Cross students with:

  • Information that dispels common social myths about substance use culture at college
  • Explanation of the effects of alcohol on the brain and body
  • Strategies for reduced alcohol-related harms
  • Strategies for navigating personal choices and values
  • Information about the impact of personal alcohol use on others
  • Definitions of federal and state laws as well as campus policies related to alcohol and other drugs
  • Strategies for talking about alcohol use and expectations with family members before coming to campus
  • Information about who, how, and where to access campus resources

Other Educational Programs

  • Population-level and selected group prevention campaigns targeting high-risk behaviors throughout the year and during and risky times/events.
  • A variety of workshops, presentations and training throughout the academic year for various student groups and organizations, in addition to providing consultations for students and staff.
  • Educational materials
  • SWEET Peer Educators
  • Coordinate the Campus Advisory Board for Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Cross-institutional consultation on these topics