Alcohol and Other Drugs

The Office of Student Wellness Education works collaboratively with students, faculty and staff to create a comprehensive approach of prevention, intervention, and education regarding student use of alcohol and other drugs.  We offer a wide range of programs and services that are aimed at reducing the negative consequences associated with high risk substance use as well as supporting those students who choose not to use substances or are seeking sobriety. 

Red solo cups set up for a drinking game.

As a student you have choices about your personal substance use: whether or not to use, how much to use, and where, when, and with whom to use substances.

Our office is here to help you navigate these choices in an informed way, engage in thoughtful decision-making and responsible behavior and to find ways to balance what matters most to you.  

Our office provides education and resources for students across the entire spectrum of substance use including: 

  • Students who are substance free
  • Students who use moderately
  • Students who use in high-risk ways
  • Students who are seeking sobriety or are in active recovery

Programs and Services

A display of SWEET and Recovery posters.
Prevention & Education

We offer a wide range of trainings, programs and other educational opportunities for students throughout the year that helps them consider their personal choices regarding substance use.

Students talk outside of Ciampi at the College of the Holy Cross
Intervention & Support

We offer a number of nonjudgemental support opportunities and resources to help students:

  • Who have violated the College's Alcohol & Other Drug Policy.
  • Explore their personal choices and goals regarding substance use.
  • Who are concerned about a friend or family member's substance use.
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Substance Free Communities & Collegiate Recovery

We offer several community support options for students who make the choice to actively not use alcohol or drugs.  We also have resources for students who are seeking support for sobriety or are continuing their recovery from substances.

Tools That Can Help

A stillshot from the video showing two people talking to the camera with bottles of alcohol in front of them.

Here are some helpful tools and resources for students regarding alcohol and drug use in college including: personal screenings, apps, articles, and off campus/ online resources. 

A mom talking to her daughter. Mom has shoulder length brown hair and daughter has dark hair pulled back in a pony tail. They are having a serious conversation judging by the looks on their faces.
Parents and Families

Resources, tools and research regarding substance use in college that will help parents and families support their students and better understand substance use trends in college.