Submit a Referral

Any individual may submit a referral alleging student misconduct. Individuals may use our online referral form and/or may contact the Office of Student Integrity and Community Standards directly at 508-793-3475 to make a referral via phone or to schedule an in-person appointment. A referral should include the following information (at a minimum):

a. The name(s) of the involved student(s) including any witnesses.
b. A detailed statement explaining the nature and circumstances of the incident
c. The name and contact information of the individual(s) submitting the referral.

The submitted referral is routed directly to the Office of Student Integrity and Community Standards for review and appropriate handling. This generally occurs within one business day of submission. The Director of Student Integrity and Community Standards or designee retains sole discretion to determine the appropriate resolution venue unless otherwise indicated. The VPSA/DOS or designee retains discretionary responsibility for handling extreme cases, where such action is essential to maintaining the orderly processes of the college.