Office of Student Integrity & Community Standards

The Office of Student Integrity and Community Standards aims to both challenge and support students as they explore newly acquired freedoms against the backdrop of an uncompromising expectation to contribute positively to a College community marked by mutual respect, civility and self-regulation.

As a Jesuit, Catholic institution, Holy Cross is committed to the holistic development of every student. An integral part of the Ignatian principle cura personalis — care for the whole person — includes education on, and reinforcement of, the institution’s student behavioral standards. The College’s Community Standards Process and Procedures governs student behavior and outlines the accountability process that addresses allegations of misconduct. Most students who interact with the office are able to apply challenging experiences and lessons learned as motivation for growth and development.

Holy Cross provides a well-structured and supervised residential program. This supports the institution’s efforts to identify concerning behavior and facilitate appropriate intervention. The opportunity to pursue off-campus living outside the gates of the College is also available to many upperclassmen. This unique privilege allows for additional real-world experiences that demand a heightened level of maturity and personal responsibility. Students who live off campus are provided with ample resources to assist them in reinforcing the values and principles associated with being a good neighbor and a productive citizen.

Students found to be in violation of the College’s community standards receive individualized follow-up and individual care and attention to promote retention and success. Thoughtful sanctioning is intended to help students reflect on their decision-making processes and modify behaviors that might otherwise jeopardize their ability to reach personal, professional and academic goals. It is our hope that the information contained on this website will contribute to the promotion of Jesuit ideals and serve as roadmap to help students become men and women for and with others.