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Office of Student Integrity & Community Standards

The Office of Student Integrity & Community Standards provides guidance, support and accountability as students experience new freedoms and develop their independence on Mount St. James. Students are challenged to reflect on their actions, recognize and respect the dignity of all members of our community, and act within our community standards.

To enter Holy Cross is to accept an invitation to participate in the growth and development of a community marked by freedom, mutual respect and civility. High standards have been established for membership in this community, including high standards of personal conduct and behavior. These standards are detailed in the College’s Community Standards and Code of Conduct. The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards is responsible for the administration of the community standards and the student disciplinary process.

Holy Cross provides a well-structured and supervised residential program. This allows us to identify at-risk students and provide appropriate support and guidance to ensure their success. Students who violate the policy receive personal attention and mentoring. The high level of care provided by the Holy Cross community has helped to ensure low recidivism rates, and very few Holy Cross students are forced to leave the College due to disciplinary problems.

Students are also called to serve each other and promote justice within our community. They accomplish this in their roles as peer educators and advisors, student hearing board members, and policy enforcers.