Disciplinary Records and Dean Certifications

Disciplinary files maintained by the Office of Student Integrity and Community Standards or the Office of Title IX & Equal Opportunity are considered student education records and are governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). These records are disclosed as permitted and required by law.  The College maintains disciplinary records of College Suspension for a period of ten years, following a student’s original or actual graduation year, whichever is most recent. Disciplinary records of violations resulting in College Dismissal are maintained indefinitely. Additional information on FERPA and the College’s Directory Information may be found on the College’s webpage.

External third parties such as institutions of higher education and professional schools for which a current or former Holy Cross student is seeking admission often request dean certifications. Such certifications are also commonly referred to as "common application college reports, certifications, transfer college reports, character reference forms, and background check forms." Typically, because the institution’s disciplinary process is designed to be educational rather than punitive, it is the College’s ordinary practice (with the student's expressed written consent) to comment on student disciplinary history (specific to cases managed via the Office of Student Integrity and Community Standards or the Office of Title IX & Equal Opportunity) only if there is a record of College Suspension or College Dismissal. Records of College Probation may be disclosed to internal Holy Cross campus partners with legitimate educational interests. For the purpose of Dean Certifications, the College does not comment on questions related to student character or fitness.

  • Students currently enrolled at Holy Cross or who are on an approved Leave of Absence (LOA) are directed to contact the Class Deans for Dean Certification forms.
  • Non-students (alumni, transfers, withdrawals) must complete the online 
    Dean Certification Requests for Non-Students form. 
  • If the institution or entity a current or former student wants to apply or transfer to has their own Dean Certification form with an accompanying FERPA Release/Waiver for the individual to provide to Holy Cross, all applicable sections of that form, including the signature and date where applicable, must first be completed before a request to the College of the Holy Cross is made. If the institution or entity does not have their own Dean Certification form, the inquirer must complete, sign, date and upload/attach a Holy Cross-provided FERPA Waiver/Release.
  • The College of the Holy Cross will generally process a Dean Certification request within five business days. Incomplete requests will not be processed. Multiple contacts for the same request (ex. email + fax + in-person visits + USPS, etc...) may unnecessarily delay processing. 

Any student disciplinary record including allegations of student misconduct and/or open/pending matters may be disclosed without a student’s consent to any college official who has a legitimate educational interest. These officials may include administrative, supervisory, academic or student support personnel.