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I am responsible for overseeing the college van scheduling operations and parking appeals:

Daily Shuttle Schedule for Programs (Only when classes are in Session)

Most Recent Schedule Posted at Hogan 3

Following Day's Schedule

During peak hours expect delays patiently

No shuttles run during Study Period / Finals / Seasonal Breaks

Requesting Shuttles or Reserving a Van

48 Hours Notice Required  


  • To be shuttled please fill out this form  

    • NOTE: Weekend shuttle requests are for field trips only. 
      • When shuttles are at full capacity you may need a contingency plan
      • Academic Programs receive first priority

Reserving a Van

  • To reserve a designated van just for your program, use EMS - you will need a valid chart string

    • The system will only accept requests up to 48 hours in advance
    • Van requests will not be approved without a chart string
    • After EMS Log-In click "Reservations" then "Van Request"
      Vans assigned in confirmations are subject to change
    • To Reserve a Van - click here (EMS) 
  • Please note: All vans have GPS safety monitors. Alerts for excessive speed, idle time and hard braking are sent to Public Safety.
    • Please respect the laws of the land, and the laws of physics.
    • For example, driving 20 mph over the posted speed limit will suspend driving privileges. 
  • Fees noted here for EMS vans / Hired Drivers
  • For guidance in signing out your key CLICK HERE

Break Shuttles and Campus Services

Airport Shuttles

Cab Companies

Contact Us

Please feel free to share any suggestions, ideas or questions you have with our team. We want to provide as much helpful information as possible.

We are here to serve you and provide safe, reliable transportation for the Holy Cross community.

Jerome Maday, III

Transportation Manager

College of the Holy Cross

"Driving Community"
(508) 793-2349

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