Safety Tips


On Campus: 2222
Off Campus: 508-793-2222

Consider saving these numbers to your phone now.

Emergency Blue Lights

There are blue light emergency phones across campus. Press the red button to prompt an emergency Holy Cross police response.

Exercise Safety

When jogging or walking, try to alternate your routes. Avoid areas that are isolated and desolate. Wear reflective material and bright colors during the event. Tell a friend, partner or coworker where you are going. Bring a friend!

Locker Room Safety

Don't let your belongings walk out while you work out! Never leave your valuables unattended or unsecured in a locker or common area.

Walking Alone

Avoid walking along late at night. Criminals look for isolated targets. Don't let your guard down. Crimes can occur at any time of the day. Emergency blue light phones are useful, get to know their location across campus.

Securing Valuables

Theft happens. Never leave your valuables unattended or unsecured.

Preventing Laptop Theft

No place is safe! Never assume your laptop will be safe just sitting around. Register the laptop with the manufacturer.  Keep a copy of the receipt and write down the serial number and store it in a safe place. In the event your laptop is stolen, it will be impossible for the police or IT to recover it, if they do not have the proper identifiers.

Vehicle Protection

Keep valuable items out of plain view when parking your vehicle. Always secure your vehicle. Park in areas that are known to be well-lit at night. Scan the inside of your vehicle before getting in. Have your keys read when approaching your vehicle.


Eliminate the element of surprise. Pay attention to people approaching you. Protect your personal space. Set limits on how close you will let someone get. Exercise caution with strangers. Criminals will often ask for directions or money in an attempt to invade your personal space prior to a crime. Avoid isolation. Walk along well-lit and well-traveled routes. Call campus police for a safety escort at night.


Is someone paying too much attention? Assertively communicate that you want the behavior to stop. Set and maintain personal boundaries. Never allow yourself to be isolated with the person. Maintain a log of unwanted calls and emails. Reach out for help.


If it doesn’t look right, feel right - call us! Report suspicious circumstances by calling 508-793-2224. When reporting suspicious persons, include a description of the subject(s) and the behavior that is causing concern for your safety or the safety of others. Report suspicious vehicles by describing the make, model, color, plate, and direction of travel.

Date Rape Drug Awareness

Date Rape drugs are commonly used to facilitate sexual assault. Date Rape Drugs such as GHC and Rohypnol are sometimes used to facilitate sexual assault when slipped into drinks. Effects range from amnesia, memory impairment, dizziness, semi-consciousness, loss of inhibitions, etc. These drugs are tasteless and odorless.  Rohypnol, “roofies”, changes to blue color when it comes into contact with liquid. Not as easily detected in dark liquors.

Think before you drink.

  • Have a designated “sober” person with you when you go to parties, clubs or bars. Make a plan to periodically check up on each other.
  • If one of your friends appears very intoxicated, gets sick after drinking a beverage, passes out and is difficult to awaken, seems to have difficulty breathing or is behaving in a uncharacteristic way, take steps to ensure your friend’s safety. If necessary call 911 if off campus, or 2222  if on campus for emergency medical assistance.
  • Don’t drink from bottles or glasses that have been left unattended while you were away at the restroom, dance floor, etc. Discard it and buy a new one!
  • Don’t exchange or share a drink with anyone.
  • Don’t drink form a container that is being passed around or any open, common container such as a punch bowl. “Dosing” happens.
  • If someone offers to buy you a drink, and you accept, accompany that person to the bar and witness the drink being prepared. 
  • Do not drink anything with an unusual taste or appearance, like a salty taste, or unexplained residue.

    Visit our Sexual Assault Facts, Education and Response (SAFER) for more information.