Montserrat Writing Prize

We invite you to submit a paper for the annual Montserrat Writing Prize. The committee, composed of the director and cluster directors of Montserrat, will award $300 each to three students for papers written in their Montserrat seminars this academic year. The competition is open to students currently enrolled in Montserrat and all students may only submit one paper. 

We encourage you to look back at the work that you have written or are currently working on and choose your favorite piece of writing. Submissions may include critical essays, creative writing, film reviews, scientific reports, and reflections, to name a few. Your entry may be a revision of what you have submitted in your seminar (e.g., you may make changes based on your professor’s comments or workshop feedback). Your submission should be at least 500 words. 

The submission deadline is in March every year. We are thankful to an anonymous donor for the funds to support the prize.  Questions should be addressed to Pr. Alison Ludden (, director of Montserrat.

Spring 2021

2nd Annual Montserrat Writing Prize Winners

Annabel Degroat

Montserrat Seminar: Social Lives of Muslim Youths
Professor Vickie Langohr

Fernanda Perez-Alvarez
The Phoenix

Montserrat Seminar: Building Fantastic Beasts
Professor Julia Paxson

Sarah Synan

Montserrat Seminar: Stories of Self
Professor Leah Hager Cohen


Spring 2020

1st Annual Montserrat Writing Prize Winners

Max Caron
See, Judge, Act: Restorative Justice and Catholic Social Teaching’s Impact on American Incarceration

Montserrat Seminar: Identity, Diversity and Community
Professor Virginia Ryan, Divine Cluster

Henry Cavanaugh
Of Moose and Men (and Moose-Men)

Montserrat Seminar: Writing/Reading Place
Professor Stephanie Reents, Natural World Cluster

Alexandra Sawasciuk 
Human Nature in the Natural World

Montserrat Seminar: Naturally Unnatural
Professor Teresa Fenichel, Natural World Cluster