Events Fulfilling JEBI Requirements

Attending any of the following workshops and/or events will fulfill the event requirement for the JEBI Foundations Certificate Program

Upcoming Events
  •  IEW: Becoming International Faculty/Staff Panel Discussion (Jan 30th, 2024)

  • National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (Feb 7th, 2024)

  • Modeling Masculinity in Meaningful Mentorship (Feb 7th, 2024)

  • Expanding Reproductive Rights: Lessons from Women of Color in Sistersong (Feb 7th, 2024)

  • The League - Seelos Film Series (Feb 7th, 2024)

  • Invisible Beauty - Seelos Film Series (Feb 14th, 2024)

  • Just Peace: Ecology, Economics, and Education in Africa (Feb 15th, 2024)

  • C.A.F.E - Creating Awareness of First Generation Experiences (Feb 21st, 2024)

  • Black History Month Keynote Event: Reginald Dwayne Betts (Feb 26th, 2024)

  • A Dive into AI Literacy & Learning Tools (March 12, 2024)

  • Graphic Liberation - Image Making and Political Movements (March 13, 2024)

  • From Belonging to Authenticity: Imagining a More Comprehensive View of Student Belonging and Success (March 19, 2024)

  • The 272: The Families who were Enslaved and Sold to Build the American Catholic Church (March 20, 2024)

  • Ogretta McNeil Lecture: Jordan Starcks (March 22, 2024)

  • Heathen: Religion and Race in American History (March 26, 2024)

  • Las Brujas de Brooklyn (April 5, 2024)

  • Feminist Rage and the Book of Judith (April 11, 2024)

  • "Twice as hard: The conversation activists need to be having " with Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs (April 23, 2024)

  • A Pride Month Keynote Event: Neuroqueering our Campus (April 29, 2024)

  • Community Engagement Committee Anti-Racism Workshop (Aug. 17th, 2023)

  • Ladies First: Experiences of Black Women at Holy Cross (Sept. 7th, 2023)

  • Black Women's Struggles for Reproductive Justice: Past & Present (Sept. 19th, 2023)

  • When Immigration was Stopped by Eugenics: A Dark Chapter in American History (Sept. 21st, 2023)

  • Saving the University from Doom: Ethnic Studies as Ethics; Community as Praxis (Sept. 25th, 2023)

  • Why Women Won (Sept. 26th, 2023)

  • Pakachoag: Where the River Bends (Oct. 4th, 2023)

  • There Should Be New Rules Next Week: Nellie Scott & Jen Delos Reyes on the Work of Corita Ken (Oct. 5th, 2023)

  • Always Be Around: Corita Kent, Community and Pedagogy (Oct. 2nd - Dec. 15th, 2023)

  • Accessibility and Universal Design Are Two Different Concepts: Why Universal Design Works Best Among Out Deaf and Signing Communities (Oct. 19th, 2023)

  • W. Ralph Eubanks - Annual Vocation of the Writer Talk (Oct. 19th, 2023)

  • Wrongful Convictions: Working for Justice in Modern America (Oct. 24th, 2023)

  • "Descendant" Film Screening and Q &A (Oct. 30th, 2023)

  • Francisco Cantu - The Creative Writing Program (Oct 31st, 2023)

  • Infinite Canaan: The New Space Race in Colonial Context (Nov. 6th, 2023)