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2019 Photo Contest Winners

First Place:  Spiral Down

Location:  Glasgow, Scotland

Patience Thompson '20

Program:  University of St Andrews, 2018-2019


Second Place:  The Andes Mountains along hike in the Huascarán National Park

Location: Huascarán National Park, outside of Huaraz, Perú

Jack (John) Chaffee '20

Program:  Pontificia Católica del Peru (PUCP), Fall 2018


Third Place:  Giants Among Giants

Location: Ambisili National Park, Kenya

Erin Kinney '20

Program:  The School for Field Studies (SFS) - Tanzania, Spring 2019


Honorable Mention:  Alhaja Seynabou Faye

Location:  Dakar, Senegal

Hanna (Malinka) Drabek '20

Programs:  CIEE Senegal, Fall 2018 and National University of Ireland, Galway, Spring 2019


Honorable Mention:  The Grandeur of Brussels

Location:  Brussels, Belgium

Lauren Inman '20

Program:  University College, Dublin, Fall 2018


Honorable Mention:  Under the Sea

Location:  Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Brian McDonough '20

Program:  University of Melbourne, Spring 2019