Economics, Math, and Science Majors and Students Interested in Health Professions

Students of all majors can go abroad; the key is starting early and consulting with the Study Abroad Office as well as the advisors in your academic department.

During your first year at Holy Cross you should be sure that your academic advisor knows you plan to go abroad. Your plans for coursework you complete before and after you go should include your junior year abroad. There may be some courses you should take on campus before you leave.

Be sure to consult with the advisors within your major or concentration. For names of the current study abroad advisors in the Economics, Math and Science departments, contact the Study Abroad office. Students interested in Health Professions should be in touch with those advisors.

Once accepted to study abroad, you will work closely with the Study Abroad office as well as the advisors in your academic field to ensure that you will get the classes you need to advance your major.