Costs, Financial Aid, and Insurance

The information on this page is for students in the application process. If you are already accepted and want to learn more about financial preparation for your time abroad, you should look at the Pre-Departure Checklist and other information under Accepted Students.

The Holy Cross programs are designed to provide all of your basic needs. Tuition, room and board fees paid to Holy Cross include: housing, including non-refundable deposits; meals or discounted board; cultural activities and excursions, depending on the program; on-site transport; on-site staff; orientation; on-site language instruction; and, academic support. The tuition, room and board bill for the year a student is abroad includes a discount to cover the cost of one round-trip flight. In addition, students can be reimbursed for the $200 activity fee if they submit a receipt. This fee often covers a variety of extra-curricular activities, such as joining a gym or taking an art class.

Considering that basic needs are met by the program costs, students find they spend personal funds on extracurricular activities and traveling. Individual spending habits abroad differ from student to student, just as they do on campus. Cost is significantly affected by location, program length, as well as fluctuations of currency exchange rates. It is absolutely crucial to budget before beginning your sojourn abroad.

Health/Travel Insurance

Please refer to pages 2-5 in the Study Abroad Manual