Members of the Class of 2010


President Laura Beglane
Vice President   Sarah Brown
Secretary Scott Dube
Treasurer Patricia Monaco

Honorary Inductees

Paul F. Harman, S.J., Special Assistant to the President and Alpha Sigma Nu Moderator
Vincent A. Lapomarda S.J., S.T.L., Associate Professor, History
Mary Morrisard-Larkin, Director of Educational Technology
Prof. Sarah A. Petty, Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Marianne T. Baurer Chemistry, Pre-med, and Biochemistry
Laura M. Beglane Economics-Accounting and Asian Studies
Sarah A. Brown English and Creative Writing
Tia N. Carley Religious Studies and Philosophy
Patrick C. Cheney Biology
Sean M. Connolly Religious Studies and Classics
Maureen E. Doherty Psychology
Sheila C. Donahue Economics-Accounting
Scott J. Dube Classics and Religious Studies
Alexandra H. Dudley   Psychology
Brittany Lee Fritz Psychology and Pre-med
Conner J. Hayden Classics
Isabelle A. Jenkins Religious Studies and Pre-med
Kara R. Kinosian English and Religious Studies
Jennifer E. Learned Psychology
Daniel L. Libatique Classics and Theatre
Patricia A. Monaco Mathematics and Computer Science
Adam C. Nadelson Biology
Jeffrey M. Papia Religious Studies
Ankur A. Patel Biology and Anthropology
Neha N. Patel Psychology and Pre-med
Joseph C. Puleo English and Theatre
Thomas B. Raines Spanish and Pre-med
Brian D. Regan Religious Studies
Conor J. Reidy Religious Studies and Art History
Carrie S. Schwartz Biology
Shea N. Sennet Mathematics
Julianna B. Stuart Religious Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies
Katherine M. Tycz Italian and Visual Art History