Members of the Class of 2017


President Mary P. Cunningham
Vice President Emily D. Perry
Secretary Haylie Butler
Treasurer Emily J. Vigliotta


Honorary Inductees

Steven Levandosky, Associate Director and Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science
Margaret Rollo, Employment and Training Coordinator, Dining Services- Administration


Emily H. Bowman
Emily M. Breakell
Haylie M. Butler
Michael A. Ciaramella
Anna J. Colber
Mary P. Cunningham
Brian P. Hayward
Hildie R. Hoeschen
Mackenzie M. Horl
Megan R. Izzo
Jeeva Jacob
Kara J. Kennedy
Shea E. Kennedy-McBride
Alexander D. Kochenburger
Bowen C. Lee
Caroline E. Morano
Victoria L. Mousley
Stephanie C. Neville
Abigail R. Oliver
Emily D. Perry
Keith T. Plummer
Allison G. Rancourt
Charles J. Schufreider
Emily G. Stevenson
Brooke E. Tranten
Emily J. Vigliotta
Emily T. Winn
Christiana E. Yu