Members of the Class of 2008


President Luke Barr
Vice-President Kristen Foley
Secretary Katie Glynn
Treasurer Kristen Oats

Honorary Inductees

Timothy R. Austin, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College
Lauren R. Cass, Associate Professor , Political Science
Judith A. Chubb,  W. Arthur Garrity Sr. Professor in Human nature, Ethics and Society, Political Science
Frederick A. Murphy, Class of 1956 Professor, Religious Studies


Erika I. Archer Chemistry, Premed, Biochemistry
Lynn M. Barowski English, Creative Writing
Luke M. Barr Political Science, Economics
Jessica A. Blau Political Science
Justin T. Brooks Spanish
Nathan B. Campbell Psychology, Sociology
Christine M. Carifio Political Science, Philosophy
Kristen M. Foley Biology, Biochemistry
Matthew J. Drago Biology, Premed, Biochemistry
Patricia M. Fahy English, Creative Writing
Matthew Frigault Biology, Biochemistry, Premed
Andrew V. Jaico English, Premed, Creative Writing
Kyle R. Koerber English
Renee A. Laverdiere Mathematics
Shannon M. McKernan Biology
Matthew S. Moore English
Kathryn Y. Noonan Mathematics, Chemistry
John B. Ortolani Chemistry, Premed
Kara M. Pipoli Sociology, Self-deigned Women's and Gender Studies major
Victoria L. Rodrique Music, German
Katherine L. Roche History, Peace and Conflict Studies
Sarah E. Schufreider Sociology
Ashley Sonson English, Religious Studies
Emily E. Toto Psychology, Economics
Ivan M. Vrcek Biology, Premed
Mallory N. Zeising Psychology, Art History