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Why Study Spanish?

Architectural detail of the mosque in Córdoba, Spain, where Muslim and Christian architecture come together.

Photo: Daniel Frost

To study Spanish is to develop a deeper understanding of the rich cultural heritage that constitutes our local, national, and global communities. Holy Cross Spanish majors have found positions in fields as varied as finance, government, education, law, non-profit organization, marketing, advertising, sales, real estate, scientific research and medicine. Many have spent time working in Spain and Latin American countries after graduation. Access to information about post-graduate scholarships and graduate programs at appropriate academic and professional schools is readily available to through the Office of Distinguished Fellowships and Graduate Studies; the Center for Career Development offers a variety of suggestions for more immediate opportunities after graduation. Students are strongly advised to complement the major program with related courses in such areas as the visual arts, economics, history, political science, philosophy, English literature, sociology, and the like, depending upon professional aims. Our advisory system encourages depth and breadth of humanistic experience in the major, while suggesting broad avenues for professional involvement after college.