Placement Advice

No matter what your level, here's how to find out what Spanish class to take at Holy Cross.

If you are planning to study Spanish at any level at Holy Cross (regardless of whether you never studied it before, took previous Spanish courses, or grew up in a Spanish-speaking environment), you must take the Spanish Background Questionnaire as a first step to determining the appropriate entry course for enrollment. Depending on your results for the questionnaire, you may then be directed to take a Spanish Placement Exam

If you have taken advanced placement exams (AP or IB), you should wait to take the Spanish Background Questionnaire until you have received your scores (usually by early July).

You may access the questionnaire log in to the student system STAR using your Holy Cross user ID and password.  From the STAR dashboard, choose the Language Placement tile. From the left-hand navigation click Take Spanish Placement.  

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