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Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean Studies

The Latin American, Latinx and the Caribbean Studies program explores the diversity of Latin America’s peoples and cultures. Students choose from an array of courses from different departments and examine Latin American and Caribbean peoples and Latinx communities in the United States, as well as the common cultural and historical roots that connect them.

Drawing from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives, The Latin American, Latinx and the Caribbean Studies examines the histories, politics, religions, arts, cultural environments and languages of Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America as well as communities of Latin American heritage residing in the United States. Working intimately with faculty experts from the social sciences, the humanities and the arts, students analyze the changing political, social, economic and cultural realities of Latin America’s peoples, including topics of immigration, identity, and social movements. 

Program Highlights

Students are encouraged to engage with the Latin American and Latino cultures and take command of the language through: 

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