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Spanish: Major

Studying the language, cultures, and literatures of the Spanish-speaking world, students in the Spanish department at Holy Cross gain vital writing, speaking, and communication skills, improve their analytical abilities, and develop a cross-cultural awareness and global perspective at home and abroad.

Our rigorous and intellectually rich academic program teaches literary and linguistic analysis, critical thinking, and intercultural communication. The Spanish curriculum, taught exclusively in Spanish, includes traditional and Directed Independent language classes, as well as rich offerings in focused language (including translation, medical Spanish, and Spanish for business); writing and conversation courses for native, heritage, and non-native speakers; and advanced coursework in literature, culture, linguistics, and film studies.

Students benefit both from courses taught by the department’s devoted and accomplished faculty and from small practice sessions and cultural programming led by foreign language assistants (FLAs), who bring language lessons to life by offering students a window into the contemporary culture of their native countries. A focus on experiential learning, which includes community-based programs, academic study tours, and study abroad, encourages students to encounter difference and learn from others directly — a process which promotes inquiry and intercultural understanding. On campus and farther afield, students in Spanish gain a vivid understanding of multiculturalism and diversity.

Program Highlights

The vibrant course offerings of the Spanish department include traditional language courses, which are offered from elementary to advanced levels, and a variety of courses in the following areas:
  • Composition and conversation
  • Focused language
  • Culture and cinema
  • Linguistics
  • Textual analysis
  • Readings in literature
  • Advanced pre-modern studies
  • Advanced modern studies

Spanish News

John Cull, Rev. Thomas Worcester, S.J., and Suzanne Kirschner

Three Beloved Faculty Members Reminisce Before Retirement

Jul 19, 2018

With the end of the academic year comes the departure of three faculty members who announced their retirement: John Cull, professor of Spanish; Rev. Thomas Worcester, S.J., professor of history; and Suzanne Kirschner, professor of psychology. The three faculty members …