After Graduation

Holy Cross Spanish majors have found positions in fields as varied as finance, government, education, law, non-profits, marketing, advertising, sales, real estate, scientific research and medicine.

Many have spent time working in Spain and Latin American countries after graduation, and also achieve major distinctions, including international fellowships and appointments which have included Fulbrights, Language and Culture Assistantships, and positions in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

Students are strongly advised to complement the major program with related courses in such areas as the visual arts, economics, history, political science, philosophy, English literature, sociology, and the like, depending upon professional aims. Our advisory system encourages depth and breadth of humanistic experience in the major, while suggesting broad avenues for professional involvement after college.

Access to information about postgraduate scholarships and graduate programs at appropriate academic and professional schools is readily available to through the Office of Distinguished Fellowships and Graduate Studies; the Center for Career Development offers a variety of suggestions for more immediate opportunities after graduation.

Alumni Spotlights

  • Christopher Bergan ’11

Law clerk, White & Case LLP
J.D., Boston College Law School
Spanish and political science double major

  • Daryl Brown ’09

MBA, University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business
North American regional sales manager, The Dow Chemical Company
Spanish and political science major

  • Karina Camargo ’16

Marketing coordinator, Network Partnerships, NBCUniversal Hispanic Group
Spanish and German double major

  • Kyler Canastra ’14

Assigning editor, English writer and translator, VeraContent
Master’s in linguistics, Complutense University of Madrid
Spanish and history double major in the health professions advising program

  • Jessica Connolly ’97

Director of major gifts, WGBH
M.A., Boston CollegeSpanish and English major

  • Andrea (DeMelo) Laprade ’10

J.D. Candidate, The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law
USAF Sector Commander (ret.)
Spanish and Russian and Eastern European Studies double major

  •  Brendan Medeiros ’11

Co-founder at PickZen
Master’s in neuroscience, Complutense University of Madrid
Spanish major, health professions advising program, Buddhist Studies concentration

  • Colleen Melaugh ’12

Director of finance, St. Cecilia Parish
MBA, Boston College Carroll School of Management
Spanish and economics double major

  • Jonathan Niconchuk ’09

Resident physician in anesthesiology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
M.D., Harvard Medical School
Spanish major, chemistry minor, health professions advising program

  • Kathleen Pessolano ’01

Strategic partnerships director, Global Sustainable Tourism Council
J.D., University of Chicago Law School
Spanish and political science double major

  • Kelly Shaw ’09

Vice president, acquisitions and strategic investments, Synchrony Financial
Spanish and economics double major

  • Yachira Torres ’10

Principle, Nativity Preparatory School of Wilmington, Delaware
M.A., Clark University
Spanish and English double major

  • Alexander Waid ’94

Professor of Spanish and literature, U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Spanish major

  • Ivan Watanabe ’08

Senior associate and financial advisor, Opus Advisory Group, LLC
Spanish and political science double major

Awards and Fellowships

Kent Scholars

  • Elena Miceli ‘20
  • Mary Catherine Sebby ’20
  • Maria Teresa Danusanto ‘19
  • Teresa Murphy ‘19
  • Joshua DeYoung '18
  • Kathleen Schlegel '18
  • Haylie Butler '17
  • Marily González '17
  • Iván Pérez '16
  • Timothy Provost '16
  • Alexander Brandon '15
  • Andrew McNamara '15

The Kent family established the scholarship in 2013 for the Holy Cross classes of 2015-2020 to identify and support Spanish majors in their sophomore year who demonstrated outstanding academic promise, as well as dedicated engagement with Spanish-speaking communities.

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship

  • Joshua DeYoung '18 (Spain)
  • Isabel Fitzpatrick '18 (Spain)
  • Catherine Leeber '17 (Spain)
  • Khorally Pierre '17 (Mexico)
  • Haylie Butler '17 (Spain)
  • Hildie Hoeschen '17 (Spain)
  • Katie Burns '14 (Spain)
  • Katie Riley '14 (Spain)
  • Sheila Coursey '13(Argentina)
  • Erin McMahon '13 (Spain)
  • Joseph Cavanaugh '12 (Spain)
  • Jennifer Caffrey '11 (Peru)
  • Jamie McCarthy '11 (Peru)
  • Kathryn Simison '11 (Spain)
  • Stacy Nazarro '10 (Argentina)
  • Kristen Dunlap '08 (Brazil)

Learn more about the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship.

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (Alternate)

  • Brendan Healey '16 (Argentina)
  • Victoria McCormick '16 (Mexico)
  • Elizabeth Quaglieri '11 (Spain)

English Language and Culture Assistants in Spain

  • Mark McGuire '17 (Madrid)
  • Sydney-Zeferina Pugliares '16 (Cataluña)
  • Jill Michelhaugh '16 (Pamplona)
  • Brian Clark '15 (Cantabria)
  • Rachel Kent '15 (Galicia)
  • Erin Quinlevan '15 (Islas Baleares)
  • Matthew Regan '15 (Madrid)
  • Kyler Canastra '14 (Castilla y León)
  • Nicholas Fasano '14 (Galicia)
  • Vera Grek '14 (Galicia)
  • Sean Ahern '13 (Andalucía)
  • Yanile Báez '13 (Madrid)
  • Kendra Cabrera '13 (Cantabria)
  • Shannon Cain '13 (Castilla y León)
  • Katiary Muñoz '13 (Madrid)
  • Kyle Shepard '13 (Andalucía)
  • James Budinich '12 (Galicia)
  • Isamar Checo '12 (Andalucía)
  • Daniel Clavin '12 (Galicia)
  • Emily Polacek '12 (Galicia)
  • Stephanie Fox '11 (La Rioja)
  • Liz Flaherty '11 (Asturias)
  • Alana Sikorski '11 (Islas Baleares)
  • Mike Marquet '09 (Islas Baleares)
  • Kelly Shaw '09 (Asturias)

Learn more about the English Language and Culture Assistants.

Meddeas Language Assistant Program

  • Jessica Batista '18 (Madrid)
  • Gabriella Smith '18 (Madrid)
  • Ryan Long '18 (Málaga)
  • Meghan Gregory '18 (Almería)
  • Cassie Kobelski '17 (Madrid)
  • Marielle Pavek '17
  • Jill Michelhaugh '16 (Pamplona)
  • Lauren Roberts '16 (Burgos)

Learn more about the Meddeas Language Assistant Program.

Language Kingdom

  • Emily Davenport '16 (Asturias)

Learn more about Language Kingdom.

Conversation Assistant Programme for Schools

  • Jef Danusantoso '16 (Castellón de la Plana)

Learn more about the Conversation Assistant Programme for Schools.

Programa BEDA

  • Victoria Stephens '17 (Canarias)
  • Hunter Loring '14 (Murcia)

Learn more about Program BEDA.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps International

  • Lauren Hammer '14 (Chile)
  • Katie Burns '14 (Nicaragua)

Learn more about Jesuit Volunteer Corps International.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps

  • Giovanni Estrada '13 (Milwaukee, WI)

Learn more about the Jesuit Volunteer Corps