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The STEM+E Workshop

The STEM+E Tutoring Workshop is a peer-based tutoring program designed to provide one-on-one assistance and small-group support to Holy Cross students in intro and upper level scientific and quantitative courses, including accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, mathematics and computer sciences, physics and psychology.

Features of the Workshop:

  • The workshop runs as a drop-in and appointment based service.
  • Students are first encouraged to utilize office hours and department workshop tutoring. To keep access to the STEM+E Workshop fair to all students across campus, students may make a maximum of one appointment per day and two appointments per week. Students are welcome to walk in or join the waiting list at any time.
  • STEM+E Sessions last 40 minutes.
  • Peer tutors will assist in several ways: they will explain conceptual material, guide students on how to solve problems, and provide independent learning strategies.

Make an Appointment
Students can sign up for appointments online. Click the link above and then create a new user account to log into our schedule. The user name and password you select will be unique to this site and are not connected in any way to your Holy Cross ID or passphrase. Make an appointment online »

When and Where?
Peer tutors are available on the 2nd floor of Dinand Library in Room 205 Sundays-Thursdays from 6 to 9 p.m.  A complete schedule of the specific courses for FALL 2018 appears below.

ACCT 181 Mon. 7-9pm;  Thurs. 6-9pm
ACCT 277 Mon. 7-9pm
ACCT 278 Mon. 7-9pm;  Thurs. 6-9pm
BIOL 161 Sun. 6-9pm; Mon. & Tues. 6-8pm; Thurs. 6-9pm
BIOL 162 Sun. 6-9pm; Mon. & Tues. 6-8pm; Thurs. 6-9pm
BIOL 163 Sun. 6-8pm; Thurs. 6-9pm
BIOL 261  Thurs. 7-9pm
BIOL 301 Thurs. 7-9pm
CHEM 181 Sun. - Thurs. 6-9pm
CHEM 222 Sun., & Tues. -Thurs. 6-9pm; Mon. 6-8pm 
CHEM 231 Sun. 6-8pm; Tues.- Thurs. 6-9pm
CSCI 131 Wed. 7-9pm; Mon. & Thurs. 6-8pm
CSCI 132 Wed. 7-9pm; Mon. & Thurs. 6-8pm
ECON 110 Sun., Mon., Thurs., 7-9pm
ECON 249 Mon. & Tues. 7-9pm
ECON 255 Sun.- Tues. 7-9pm
ECON 256 Sun. - Tues. 7-9pm
Math 133 Sun., Tues.& Wed. 7-9pm; Mon. & Thurs. 6-9pm
MATH 135 Sun., Tues. & Wed. 7-9pm; Mon. & Thurs. 6-9pm
MATH 136 Sun.& Tues. 7-9pm; Mon. & Wed. 6-9pm; Thurs. 6-8pm
MATH 241 Sun. & Mon. 7-9pm; Tues. -Thurs. 6-8pm
MATH 242 Thurs. 6-8pm
MATH 243 Sun. 7-9pm; Wed.6-9pm; Thurs. 6-8pm
MATH 244 Sun. 7-9pm; Wed. 6-9pm;; Thurs. 6-8pm
Math 375 Thurs. 6-8pm
PSYC 100 Sun. 6-8pm; Tues. & Thurs. 6-9pm
PSYC 200 Mon. 6-8pm
PHYS 115 Sun. 6-8pm; Mon., Tues., & Thurs. 7-9pm